Pop Life


About a month after I started working as a hostess I got another job working the front desk at a gym, or as my guy friend calls it, ‘ another hot chick job’. I always get blank stares when I tell people the name of the gym I work at. Probably because it’s so hip and trendy. Which obviously makes me hip and trendy for even knowing about it. To put it simply, Pop Physique is the 00’s aerobics. It’s like an evolved pilates/ballet class with a hint of yoga. The women who take Pop Physique classes range from the 20 something girls trying to lose 5lbs for Coachella to the kick ass grandmas who could probably do more push ups than me! Oh and there a even a few celebs who swear by the workout: like one of my comedy idols, Mindy Kaling

I’ve been working here for about 9 months and have slowly worked my way up to taking an average of about 3 classes a week. I should should look like Beyonce by now, but my binge eating makes me look more like 3 months preggos (or fake preggos Beyonce). I would take Beyonce at any size, so I digress. The trainer’s here are in awesome shape. Probably because they all have dance backgrounds. If I were more physically inclined (read: not so lazy), I would have already put myself through the grueling 4 week training to become an instructor. But I’d much rather spend my time there surfing the internet, reading, and writing.

Pretty sweet gig, right? It would be even sweeter if I actually got paid.  Yes, the struggling screenwriter works an unpaid job. However, I am paid in free classes. The monthly membership fee for Pop is about $150 a month. So I guess it’s worth it as long as it keeps me from becoming the before photo in a Hydroxycut commercial.


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