The Blind Interview


I hate interviewing. I think that’s something we can all agree on. It’s like going on an awkward blind date and trying not to say the wrong thing. I’m trying to remember to smile, ask questions, make eye contact, and not talk bad about my (ex) old job. But sometimes you get in an interview and everything just flows. You feel like you just threw a perfect ball in bowling and you can feel the imminent strike. Other times you know you just threw a gutter ball. I wish they changed interviews and you just had to answer a series of relevant questions about yourself. Like, ‘what’s the coolest place you’ve ever traveled to, what’s your favorite food, or who’s your favorite N’SYNC member. You know the important stuff, that will really tell how good a person is at Excel.

Every now and then I get really anxious about not having a full time job. So I apply to jobs like crazy. That’s when I apply to any and everything. I apply to jobs that aren’t even remotely related to writing or TV. And sometimes I get a call back. Last week I got a voicemail (it’s like a text message you listen to) from a company trying to schedule a phone interview. I ignored the message because I had no recollection of applying and I just didn’t feel like it. Mostly because I didn’t feel like it. They called me again and this time I answered because I thought it could be one of the millions of writing jobs I had applied to. But they got me. I ended up reluctantly scheduling the phone interview. So reluctant you could hear it in my voice. The phone interview was whatever. I felt like I was trying to blow off a guy I wasn’t interested in and that I found slightly annoying. And to my surprise they wanted to schedule an in person interview.

But this was also the same day my good friend was in town visiting. She wanted to meet at the beach. However, this damn interview was imposing all over my beach day. So I did the responsible thing, the adult thing and I……wore my swimsuit under my interview clothes. That way I didn’t have to drive home and change after. The interview ended up taking 45 mins because they had me fill out a textbook sized application. Then while I waited to be interviewed I read their textbook sized employee manual. The interview went well. If it were a blind date I’m sure he’d be asking me out again. But did I want this job? A job that pays more than I’m making now but less than I did at my old office job. A job that will cause me to work 5 days a week from 9-5. A job that has the potential to take me away from writing and this blog. I feel like this is a cliffhanger from the 1960’s Batman show (a show I shouldn’t remember). Hopefully I see you guys next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.


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