So Much Room for Activities


So I think you guys have a pretty good understanding of my part time life. Part time writer, part time hostess, part time gym manager, and part time superhero. So you’re probably wondering what I do for fun. How does someone with limited financial resources participate in activities? Well the short answer is, I’m a girl. Also most of the activities I do are a result of my random jobs and diverse network of friends. Because I work at Pop Physique I got to attend their 5th anniversary party at the Roosevelt. There were free mani’s, open bar, and a photo booth. I’ve come to the conclusion that a party isn’t complete unless there is a photo booth present. Since I work at the restaurant I sometimes grab drinks with coworkers after work at local posh hotel bars.  And when I’m hanging out with my friends I can do anything from going to a documentary screening about stand up comedy around the world, to playing the cards against humanity while syncing Billy Madison scenes to Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What.

So I guess when I look back at my life (via my Instagram feed) it’s kind of awesome. But it’s not all smiles and unicorns. Such is life. I’m poor, stressed at times, discouraged, and can’t leap a building in a single bound. But I am happy.  I make the most of my limited resources. Kids (in my Bob Saget voice from How I Met Your Mother), when you get to be my age you appreciate experiences rather than things. I know things are great. But things don’t last. Happiness does. And isn’t that what life is about? Finding out what makes you happy.



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