Rejection Required


The hardest part about getting a job in entertainment is getting a job in entertainment. You have to be okay with getting rejected, a lot. Like more than Laura rejected Steve Urkel. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people in LA trying to get the 3 or 4 positions that become available once in a blue moon. And the sad part is that LA is supposed to be the place to be when it comes to finding a decent writing job! I have accounts with paid sites that exclusively post entertainment jobs. I have friends that work for networks that give me the heads up when a position has opened up at their job. But even with all that, it’s still not enough. Because once that posting goes up you have a tiny 15 minute or less window to squeeze your resume through. Otherwise it will go into the resume black hole with all the other applicants.

I can honestly say I’ve applied to about a million of these jobs, give or take. So how many interviews have I gotten from all my applying? A grand total of one (1 in a million)! Yes, I’ve been on one interview for a production company that was looking for a front desk assistant. I was extremely surprised when I received the reply email for this particular production company because well, I never received a reply before. But also because this particular company always had this job posting listed and I assumed they had a high turnover. In any event I jumped up to get ready for my same day interview. It was in Santa Monica nestled in between a bunch of other production companies and studios. When I walked in I saw Lego statues, an old school Coke machine, and a crayon shaped bench. I thought: 1) either I have the wrong place and this is a cool private preschool or 2) I have died and gone to job heaven. The pink haired receptionist (maybe 21 years old) had me sign an NDA and offered me a Coke while I waited.

Finally a guy comes from the back and walks me to his “office”. I use quotations because his office was more like a single apartment with a flat screen TV, mini fridge, and a bunch of books he never read. He fired questions at me like I was on a game show. I struggled to not be caught off guard, but I was. He was quick and to the point and he even asked some questions that I wasn’t expecting like; “What do you do for fun?” Instead of telling him about all the cool stuff I was into and did with my free time, I said “I like going to bars.” Good job Kiana now he just thinks you’re an alcoholic. So two and half minutes later he was showing me to the door and the interview was over. I walked out through the toy store lobby and knew I would never see that place again…



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