On Being Star Struck

So I’ve only been here 3 weeks and I already have enough celebrity encounters to make TMZ jealous. Part of the job description required a person to have the ability to” not get star struck.” Lucky for them, I’ve never been that type. I’m just not an excitable person. Well at least I thought I wasn’t…

The people that come in for meetings here are big name producers, actors, actress, writers, and my biggest celebrity crushes. Crushes that I would never think I’d meet in real life, let alone be validating their parking! So when James Franco (yes I just named dropped) walked in, my ability to be unexcited went out the window. My heart was racing, but I had to appear calm and collected.
However, I didn’t know what to do with myself or my hands.
The first thing I thought was, I cannot look at him; because then he will know I’m silently obsessing over him. So I made sure to look in any and all directions but his. Then my next tactic was to not pick up my phone and send this mass text: “James Franco is 5 feet away from me. Might faint. Please help.” Because if he saw me pick up my phone he would know why. And lastly, I had to pretend to like I wasn’t paying him any attention whatsoever. I thought I was doing a pretty good job unless he could see through all my smooth moves.
When he went into his meeting I breathed a sigh of relief. Then his assistant came back and asked if I could call into the meeting and let him, “Mr. Franco”, know his food was here. Not only do I get to be in the same room as Mr. Franco, but I also get to let him know his Baja Fresh is here?! So I causally called into the meeting and said “Mr. Franco’s food is here.” I put down the phone as if I just got off the phone with the president and he personally told me, “Good job Kiana.”
So yea, I don’t get start struck at all.

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