Things I’m learning about working for a TV network..

 -Being really early in entertainment is the equivalent to being really late. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called an office to let them know their meeting has arrived and they have thrown a full on conniption fit over the person being 30 mins or more early. Then they come to greet their guests as if they are the Queen of England.
-Stars don’t sign in. I’m glad I’m a pop culture junkie and can recognize any and every star that walks through the door. Because how embarrassing would it be if I asked Beyonce to sign in? (Still waiting for her to come in)
-There’s free food ALL the time. Which is one of the biggest perks to working here. And not just regular peasant office food, I’m talking about fancy, organic, locally grown, deliciousness.
-People don’t know who to ask for. I don’t know how it’s possible to intentionally dial a business and not know who you want to speak with. Here’s how the conversation goes; Me: How can I direct your call? Caller: ummmm, hmmmm….Ummmmm…(goes on for 30 secs or more)…Let me call you back. It would be fine if this wasn’t 85% of the calls we receive.
-You need an agent or a lawyer to pitch a show. But of course there are tons of people who don’t know that and call anyway. Or they do are just very, very, very persistent.  These people ask to speak to the head of company because they have a show idea and “know Tom Hanks”. One guy had me sit on the phone while he just threw out a bunch of random names hoping one was an exec I could transfer him to.
So just to wrap things up for you; be on time, don’t ask Beyonce to sign in, eat good, know who you want to speak with, and just knowing a name on IMBd wont get you a pitch meeting.

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