Questions for Society

If someone asked me what I believe to be the world’s biggest problem is aside from war, hunger, and Kanye West; I would say it’s distraction. That’s why I haven’t been able to write a new blog post or a pilot that isn’t total crap. So society I have some questions for you!
How do you expect me to lose weight/stay in shape when you keep inventing new delicious meals?
Meals like maple apple wood smoked bacon wrapped burgers, with sirracha lime queso sauce.
How do you expect me to workout regularly…?
When you create 88 seasons of ‘Breaking Bad’ quality like shows that prevent me from leaving my house bed for weeks?
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How do you expect me to focus on writing or anything with all the technology you have built to distract me?
I’ve spent HOURS reading motivational quotes on Pinterest, ironically about procrastination. Then there’s Instagram, Facebook, dating apps, gaming apps, and random apps that…
* Takes 10 mins to play addicting game app *
Annnd I’m back. So you (society) want me to workout hard, eat clean,  and pursue my passions while being a full time internet crack head?
I should just start a cult. A cult of people determined to finish something. We live in a small village cut off from society, have limited internet access, eat food from the land we live on (and Trader Joes),  and have mandatory P.E.- because working out is obviously more effective when done in groups and it’s forced. It will be like an Amish community but not quite.
As much as I would love to live like this and be a cult leader, I can’t. The trick is that you have to stay focused no matter what life and society throws at you. However, you have to envy people who made it pre-internet days. How much easier it must have been to sit and write by candle light because what the fu*k else was there to do?

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