Improv For What?!

I dated a comedian once. And I’ll never do that again. They’re always ‘on’. Always acting like they are on stage delivering jokes. Always testing out new material. And always fu*king improving! With that being said I took an improv class this past weekend. Not because I’ve decided I want to become an actress or become really annoying.  I’ve just been feeling like I’ve hit the Great Wall of Kiana when it comes to creativity. And I heard improv can help with creativity and make you a better writer. But for someone with closeted social anxiety, taking an improv class was right above death on my list of fears.
The class turned out to be really fun! It was like having a play date with a bunch of adult strangers. But not as creepy as that sounded. We did exercises that forced us to rely on the other person in the scene, mimed doing open heart surgery, and walked around in a circle making weird noises. I thought about the brick wall in the room and how much weird shit that wall has witnessed. Then I thought wait, why is there a brick wall in the classroom in the first place? What year was Second City built? The early 1900s?
Anyway, I’m not sure how this class will help me in the long run but I do know that today I feel a little less anxious in front of people; a little less socially awkward, and a little more confident that I can make chicken clucking noises in front of a small group of people.

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