Now What?


During my last days at the coolest cable network in the universe (excluding other cable networks in other universes), I was told I made a good impression on HR. I was given a going away happy hour, got to hear a few more racist gems from Ronnie, and got to see a few more celeb idols: Bill Hader and Sam Jackson. So now what? Well I have a few options…

Pop Physique Instructor – I know I said I was too lazy to teach pop but that was before I went 3 months without a hardcore workout other than doing a run here and there. What better time to get in shape and get paid for it than now?

Get Another Temp Job – Hopefully, I get called back to work at the cable network again. But if not I’m open to any other temp job that will allow me to sit at a desk, research ideas for my pilot, and catch up on House of Cards.

Teach Abroad- It may be a little late for me to study abroad but teaching English to young Thai kids isn’t out of the question. I’ve always wanted to travel and get paid to do it. No, kids, no husband, no problem.

Move to NY – At this point I would need to lock down a secure salaried job since I’m used to the finer things in life now; like my own apartment, room, and bed.

And of course pick up more shifts at the restaurant – I’m already working 2 extra shifts this week so I still have yet to have a day off in my 3 months of grinding.

This time last year I was terrified of not knowing what was going to happen. Now I’m excited. And just that small revelation lets me know I’ve made some progress. Or that I’m some crazy experience junkie who gets high off taking risks. Either way, as the kids say, ‘I’m out here grinding’.


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