Comic Book Girl


I love sci fi, fantasy, and animation. However, I don’t consider myself a nerd. I mean just because I waited in line at midnight to see the last Harry Potter movie, wore my favorite house’s colors (Gryffindor), and then didn’t know what to do with my life after the movie ended, doesn’t mean I’m a nerd. However,  when I was asked to work a comic book convention, I did have a mini nerdgasm. Since it was my first time being at a comic book convention I didn’t know what to expect.


During our training I was told to be gentle with the attendees because most of them were a little eccentric and sensitive. Which is totally understandable.  They were probably bullied at someone point in their lives or are currently being bullied. Which is why they live for these conventions. It’s one of the few places that they get to be themselves, or someone else i.e. cosplay.
They were great people for the most part. But some of them, a select few of them, were like the real life Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. They had attitudes and made you feel inferior for not knowing what a Star Lord was. Luckily, I actually knew what a Star Lord was ONLY because I saw Guardians of the Galaxy. And if I wanted to give the ultimate disrespect to these guys, I would mix up DC and Marvel characters. But it wasn’t all bad, aside from being short staffed and a bootleg system of registration; who uses File Maker Pro? Anyway,  I actually had a good time and learned a few nerd tidbits like;
Bronies – Grown men (or women) who are obsessed with My Little Pony.
Hatsune Miku– A singing female hologram (yes, hologram) that sells out venues like Madison Square Garden.
Girls & Corpses – Girls who pose with corpses is an actual publication.
And my personal fav was the ‘meet and greet’ with a few of the original Power Rangers! I’m still mad I missed my photo op with Billy (the Blue Ranger, duh!).

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