That’s So LA

Sometimes I have mini epiphanies about myself, like realize who I am. “I am a man who has never tied his own shoes before!” But seriously aside from being a chronic movie quoter and pop culture extraordinaire, I’m also really ‘LA’. I used to reject this term because of the negative connotations that went along with being called an ‘LA girl’ i.e. Basketball Wives LA.  But the other day I saw it. I saw all the things that make me so LA…

1) I go on hikes. Sure, people go on hikes in other parts of the world. But when your hikes consist of two miles or less of man-made trails and a champagne brunch (or Chic-Fil-a which is delicious anytime of the day) after, you know you’re LA.

2) I am gluten free. People pretty much hate my existence or praise me for being so brave when I tell them, “I try to stay away from gluten”. Granted there are millions of people with gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. It just so happens that those millions of people all happen to live in Los Angeles.


3) I don’t have a real job. I hate when people ask me what I do because I have to give them my LA answer; “I’m trying to be a writer but I work at a restaurant and I temp.” And yes, I’m aware of exactly how LA that sounds.


3a) I don’t have money but I still do things. I’m not sure if this is an LA thing or just an irresponsible 30 year old thing but I really didn’t understand how so many people in LA with no full-time, salaried job, still have money to go to Cochella. But now I do.

4) I’m all spiritual now. I know there’s nothing wrong with being spiritual. It’s just that I never thought that most of the people I know have either recently had a psychic reading, practiced Kundalini yoga, or  is currently having their chakra’s aligned with healing stones. And if you know what healing stones are you probably live in LA too.


5) I know somebody who knows somebody– The world is small but the LA world is even smaller. Everyone in LA is connected to someone famous by one or two degrees of separation. I’ve caught myself saying things like; “My friend works on that popular TV show” or “My friend was the breakfast chef that famous family” or “My friend’s best friend dated that famous actor/rapper/athlete.”

Well, at least I know what I am. Now to enjoy my mid week day off and meditate, apply to some jobs, eat at some gluten free restaurant, and take a hiking selfie with my friend that knows this guy who worked on that movie. Peace Out 🙂


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