Temp Life

You have to have a specific set of skills to be a temp. Skills that you acquire over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you!-Sorry I couldn’t resist the Taken reference. But seriously, you have to be flexible, easily adaptable, and professional. The other day I temped at the temp agency I work for. Which sounds kind of funny; I was a temp at a temp agency. They needed someone to cover the desk while they were at their holiday party.


Which by the way, office holiday parties have gotten completely of hand these days. In the future I imagine there will be a holiday designated for office holiday parties. In any event, I’m not opposed to turning down any jobs (money) at this point in my life so I took the job. I spent most of my day in the office BS’n on Facebook, quietly judging people on Instagram, and writing this post.

I also got to hear a few job recruiter horror stories. Like the lady who when asked about the 3 year gap in her employment, responded with, “I don’t know where I was”. So you just lost 3 years of your life? And why would you even admit to that if that were the case? Then there was the woman who checked the box for ‘Bilingual’ and thought she checked the box for ‘Bisexual’. Common mistake right? Because employers always want to know your sexuality. 


Then there was the woman who asked her interviewer how old he was. Which is never okay. The interviewer proceeded to tell her he couldn’t disclose that information in the nicest HR’ish way possible. So of course she asked him again. Like in what world is even okay to ask that under regular social circumstances?! And these are just the stories they could share with me. Now that I think about it, Liam Nesson’s character in all of the Taken movies would make a pretty dope temp.



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