I Quit!

Quitting a job you’ve been at for 2 weeks is like breaking up with a guy you just started dating who is more into you than you are into him. You have to give him (your job) the whole “It’s not you, it’s me” spiel. However, I’m terrible at breaking up with people. I’m so bad at the break up convo that I once had a friend do it for me. If only I could get that same friend to come in and quit this job for me too. But I’m a grown ass woman. I need to rip this band aid off on my own.
Last week I was referred by a friend to work in the business affairs department at a major TV network. This network isn’t as cool or attractive as the cable network I temped at before, but it’s no Khole Kardasian either. Anyway after an awkward phone “interview” and an “in person” meeting, I was offered the position. My excitement was bittersweet because I thought about the shoe company that had just welcomed me so warmly. Then I thought eff that I need this money!
I spent the whole weekend dreading the awkward conversation with HR that Monday. But to my surprise she was actually pretty cool about it and even asked if I could refer someone. If last week’s post was the season finale this week must be the start of a new season. Or this is one of those terrible mid season finales.

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