Three Things….

I feel like my life is moving faster than my blog posts these days. Even Billy (my ADD) has a hard time keeping up. Things have been happening so fast that I’ve found myself starting posts and leaving them unfinished to start another. Since this isn’t a diary and my loyal 1-3 readers don’t need a play by play of my life, let’s just just stick to the important stuff!

1) I ride the train…Riding the train in LA is like being a New Yorker without the financial commitment. You enjoy the same “luxuries” as New Yorkers, like: unreliable trains, smelly train cars, and sketchy people in close proximity. This morning I played a little game called “Sleep or Dead”. I took a seat next to a person hunched over with a jacket over them. They didn’t move. They were either sleep or dead. Thankfully, they got off a the next stop. Sleep for the win!

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a) I also take Uber..I’ve encountered hilarious, awkward, sometimes scary, but mostly awkward Uber drivers like;

The Uber driver with the thick Russian accent (think every stereotypical Russian accent you’ve heard from TV and movies) who actually isn’t Russian. He liked to make fun of Lyft cars and promote Uber Fresh.

“Lyft car is bad, it’s like 1950’s Camry”
I don’t believe they made Camry’s in the 1950’s sir, but okay.

“You hear of Uber fresh? They deliver like crispy chicken wrapped with bacon” Ummm. What?

2) My new gig…I work for  the #1 rated TV network in the country (according to Google) in the business affairs department aka “Options Land“. We track options and set reminders. It is most exhilarating. It’s a temp position till the end of the year so I’m still about that temp life. My office is basically “The Office” minus the hilarious characters. Well there is one character; me, I’m a Jim.


 3) I’m addicted to job hunting…The only analogy I can use to best describe this problem is: a man in a great relationship with an awesome girlfriend who has a “wandering eye”.  I find myself drooling over other job posts anxiously wanting to apply – see what I did there. It’s like I’ve developed whatever the scientific phobia name is for the “fear of being satisfied with a job”.  Being faithful is hard.



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