Getting my life

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize it’s time to “get yo life” as the kids say.  This was made even more apparent to me after being carried out of a bar this past weekend, waking up with a knot on my forehead, and missing a day of work.


I guess you could say it’s time to chill the fuck out. This may sound like a pretty ungrateful douchy thing to say, but I’m exhausted from going out and much having too much fun with my friends. If April had a name it would be “Happy fun tired unproductive month long extravaganza time.” I spent almost every night, even school nights, out for the last 3 weeks of April, while working 8 days a week and starting an 8-5 office job. One day as I was leaving work, in a zombie like state, my coworker asked if everything was okay. I realized my rock star lifestyle was starting to show up on my face. Then I thought, what am I twenty fucking one years old? Oh hell no! And even then I didn’t go out as much as I do now. It’s time to put my foot down and ground my 31 year old ass for the month of May. One of the terms of my grounding is a good old fashioned social media detox.
Social media is to the 2010’s what crack was to the 80’s. Well, minus the whole loss of life part. But you can still OD on it. OD’ing on social media is when you do nothing with your life, envy other people’s feeds, and are validated by how many likes you receive. So far I’ve deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone. (Sidebar: they should just merge into Facegram or Instabook to make it easier) Anyway, it’s only been a few days but I’m already experiencing social media FOMO.


Will I last? And if I don’t what does that say about me as a person? I can’t go 30 days without stalking a guy or posting a hilarious status? My goal this month is to write a pilot. The one I’ve been writing about on this blog for the past year or so but haven’t actually quite got to writing. According to Pinterest’s motivational quotes (a social media app I haven’t deleted) I need to “do more and think less”, “trust myself”, and also buy lots of shoes. What did we do before social media? How were our minds distracted from reaching our full potential? TV? Books? Board games? Crack? Who knows. Hopefully putting my goals for May in writing keeps me motivated and focused or least pretend to be.



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