I just got Punk’d

Sometimes I feel like I’m on The Truman Show  or The Kiana Show if you will. Only instead of Ed Harris directing my life, it’s Ashton Kutcher from Punk’d.


For example, that time I ran into my ex at a party, got emotional, and Robert Townsend decided that in my emotional state it was good time to ask me who my ex was. Another story, for another time. Anyway,  this past weekend I was all set to go to a day party and drink (responsibly);  but my trifling, no good car decided it wanted to stall on me. In Kavion’s (pronounced Kay-v-on, that’s my car’s name) defense I was low on petro (short for petroleum).  But once AAA arrived and supplied me with 2 gallons of gas I knew it wasn’t just my poor decision to drive Kavion on E.


 Luckily, I wasn’t alone and during a time like that you need to have a friend or two to laugh about it with and help you push your bucket out of traffic while wearing heels! There was one point while my friends and I were watching Kavion get loaded on to the flat bed all while eating our free, recently expired ice cream, bought by my AAA technician from a Mexican street vendor that I thought: You can’t make this up, this is like a scene from a TV show or movie. Maybe it will go in my pilot (which I am currently writing), or maybe I will retell the story when I “make it” as a funny anecdote. Or maybe it’s  just a really good idea for an all girl rap group album cover.


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