Choose Your Own Adventure

Life is like a Choose Your Own Adventure  book. Yes, I know I just severely dated myself considering those books seemed ancient to me when I read them over 20 years ago!  Choose Your Own Adventure books allowed you to make decisions for the character in the story that would either lead to another plot twist or the end of your life. You could always skip ahead to make sure you didn’t make the wrong choice. I realize now that takes the fun/mystery out of it. However, in real life we aren’t able to skip ahead, yet...(until someone invents the flux capacitor).
So whether it’s a job, relationship, or just missing your chance to meet your celebrity crush (James Franco), it all happened for a reason. Since we don’t know that reason yet, we can make up hilarious and/or terrible reasons why things didn’t go the way we planned: 

Why didn’t I move to New York?

It would be harder to escape a zombie apocalypse there.


Why am I still single?

James Franco is still single*.

Why have I not written a decent pilot yet?

A specific set of events needed to happen in order for me to have the experience, confidence, and a little bit of faith to write it.


Or I’ve got it all wrong and this happens…
*I am very aware of James Franco’s questionable sexuality. But hey, it could happen.

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