Hug it Out

My name is Kiana and I’m an awkward hugger.  There I said it. I own it. I’ve never been a big hugger and some would say it’s because my parents weren’t the most affectionate people or because of some other event that happened or didn’t happen while I was being socialized. Whatever the reason is I’m starting to hate it. It’s not that I don’t like hugging or being hugged. It’s just that I think of hugging as an agreement between two people. But what if I don’t know if that person agrees? When is it appropriate to hug? When do you know the person even wants to be hugged?

Meeting up with leaving people gives me the most anxiety. I have to make decision if we’re gonna hug or nah. Then there are the times I leave a group of people and hug a few people and hope that the ones I didn’t hug don’t think I’m a non hugging jerk. Then when I do hug, I give the awkward side hug  which is sometimes worst than not hugging at all.  Someone needs to invent an app, a TED talk, or at least a sign that lets people know it’s safe to hug. Sigh…



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