Train People

The train (LA metro system) is basically filled with the same people from every government establishment you hate; the DMV,  courthouse, hell, etc. Since I love categorizing things here are a few people you encounter on the train:

Crazy people. I don’t mean to make fun of homeless people or people with mental illnesses but hey they make up a big portion of the public transportation system. And one thing I’ve noticed about them is that they love an audience. They will be perfectly fine before they step on the train and as soon as those doors close, show time!


People with kids. These are the real MVP’s. It’s hard enough riding the train and worrying about your own safety.  But they also have worry about  the safety of another tiny human. I imagine people with kids biggest responsibility is to make sure no one steals their kid(s) (see: Crazy People).  To make matters worse they usually have a lot of shit; snacks, backpack, stroller, crib, more kids, etc.


Teenagers. I’m either fascinated or extremely annoyed by these riders. Some have hilarious conversations that take me back to high school. Some of them are displaying wayyy too much PDA. And some, *sighs*, some of them like to blast what sounds like YG and Young Thug’s combined mixtapes through subwoofer’sBecause that’s exactly what everyone wants to hear at 7am. -_-


Old people. They give me hope for the future.


People going to work (me). These are the people who are making the most of their time on the train. Because they know once they walk into that office their agenda will be set aside for “the man”. You see these people, reading, listening to music, or writing this blog post 🙂


Miscellaneous riders: The guy who thought it was ok to smoke a joint on the train, the gangster Asian chick that told him to put it out, the lady who could barely speak English who asked me if every stop, was her stop, the creepy old guy who told me I was beautiful while awkwardly facing me in a packed train car, and lastly, the lady who was drinking an entire gallon of milk.



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