Free Sh*t

Sometimes I think my life is like Carrie from Sex and the City. Minus the sex and umm New York City.
However, I am a writer, well, sort of, and I do get invited to lots of snazzy events. I attribute that to my diverse network of friends made up of creative, entertainment, and music people. Free shit. I’m about that life. I’ve never been one to get excited about free stuff, but when there are days when all you can afford for dinner is a sunflower seed butter(short essay on my love for sunflower seed butter coming soon) and jelly sandwich, you start to appreciate the freer things in life. So here is a short list of cool free shit I’ve done:

The Bill Mahr Show

Green room access, free food, DRANK, and you get stand in a room with really smart people. Which by default, obviously makes me really smart too.


Free Concerts

I love live music shows and try my best to not sound pretentious when I say I listen to everything, but I do. I acquire some of my free tickets by subscribing to various music blogs and by being a KCRW member. I enter contests, I win.


Charity events/Wrap parties

I merged these two because I really only go for one thing (well two): The free food and booze. I went to my first charity event this week and as I was listening to rich people bid on items that cost more than most people’s salaries I thought; why didn’t anyone tell me how good this cheese was?!


Work Events
Now that I (temporarily) work for an entertainment company I get to go to my own cool free events like; movie screenings, book club meetings (we just covered Amy Pohler’s Yes, Please!), and being the guinea pig for a new ride at a theme park.
One day I’ll have the glamorous writers lifestyle; cool apartment, fancy computer, and a dating life I can’t keep up with. But for now I’ll settle for my meager accommodations, my 2010 Macbook, and solo date nights…oh and lots of free sh*t.

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