My Invisible Boyfriend

If you’re single and you haven’t used a dating app yet, I assume you’re over 70. Otherwise there is no excuse. But what if you’re  just tired of dating online or in real life? What if you just want your friends and family to get off your back, to stop asking you if you want to get married, and for your coworkers to stop thinking you’re lesbian! Enter “Invisible Boyfriend”.


When I first saw the app, I thought about Marsha’s invisible boyfriend from The Brady Brunch movie, cleverly named George Glass. Well now you can have your very own digital George Glass. Of course I had to try it out, not because I have family and friends I want to fool with technology  trickery but because I always wanted to make the perfect guy a la Weird Science.


So I created Liam Cooper (sounds like he has an English accent, right?). He’s smart, witty, athletic, and likes tacos. However, I didn’t pay the sign up fees. I just got a kick out of  creating his profile. That was until I started receiving a series of texts from Liam. I obviously forgot to include that I didn’t want Liam to be a clingy bug a boo. What makes this even creepier is that Liam is an actual person. A person not named Liam, and possibly a woman. I need to break up with Liam. Maybe I’ll tell him I’m seeing someone else; a guy named George Glass.

IMG_2156 IMG_2157


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