So context, my little sister sent me this AIM Sidekick exchange between her and her best guy friend Kory the day MJ died. My little sis and Kory are 90’s babies so they were about 19 at the time .Obviously, Kory was a die hard MJ fan. I thought it was only fitting on the anniversary of his death to share Kory’s heartfelt AIMs.


Yo IM KoRy: krissy
Yo IM KoRy: omfg!
pur3allur3: lol
Yo IM KoRy: I’m over here crying
pur3allur3: i was jussss readin ur away mesg.

[AWAY] Yo IM KoRy: mom just got mad at me bcuz I told her I didn’t wanna live in a world without Micheal.  fck everybody!  Micheal Jackson?  wtf God why!  I’m crying..  and I just woke up bcuz my mom was talking to my uncle on the phone about it.  I’m really fckn hurt.

pur3allur3: its ok kory,he lived a good life

Yo IM KoRy: fck everybody!  Micheal Jackson?  wtf God why!  I’m crying.. fck man, I’m goin to the funeral.  I don’t care if I’m late to my own funeral I’m goin.  And this aint no joke, I really Love Micheal Jackson.  man fck just don’t aim me.  it just aint fair…………. “Just Leave Me Alone” – Micheal Jackson.
Yo IM KoRy: 😥
Yo IM KoRy: it just aint right.  yu think they can revive him?
Yo IM KoRy: or give him a heart?
pur3allur3: that’s one thing money can’t do
Yo IM KoRy: aint that bout a bitch!
pur3allur3: i knw
pur3allur3: its unreal                                                                                                                                           pur3allur3: u really cried Kory?
pur3allur3: i feel bad now for laughing at all those south park episodes when they were talking abt him.
pur3allur3: & his kid blanket



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