Instagram Feed Not Found

I finally did it! After months of agonizing, I finally deleted my Instagram account! I know I sound like one of those people. Those people who have to announce when they delete a social media account like they are better than everyone or something. But whatevs, I didn’t come to this decision lightly. Deleting a social media account is likened to breaking up with a boyfriend or breaking up with your 400 or so followers. But I had to do it. Instagram was taking over my life. The need to scroll was real.
I paused for a moment when it asked me to enter my password one last time before it deleted 3 years of pics and videos. I know, I’m dramatic. I felt like a weight had been lifted. No more mindless scrolling, no more thinking before posting, no more wishing some people weren’t allowed to have an Instagram account. I was living the post free life. Sure I still had Facebook, but it just wasn’t the same.

About a year ago I downloaded Snapchat. At first I didn’t use Snapchat because I heard it was just used for tweens and teens to sext each other. Also for triflin men who didn’t want to get caught by their girlfriend getting naked pics. Maybe I should explain how it works; Snapchat lets you post pics and videos with a 10 seconds max viewing time. You can also send private pics & messages that delete after you read/view them (see what I mean about the triflin part?). Anyway, I’d been watching my friends use it and started to feel like I could maybe use it for good instead of evil.

However, I’m starting feel like I’ve just transferred my obsession from one addicting social media app to another. Like a girl person who jumps from one relationship to the next.  But unlike Instagram there isn’t the compelling need to troll scroll but instead there is the compelling need to post and admire the random stories you create. For example, when my friend and I found a Blockbuster video and just had to snap our discovery. So Snapchat is my rebound from Instagram.  Doesn’t everyone need a rebound though?



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