There are things I wish I had growing up. Material things like; a treehouse, Baby Kiana doll (mostly because we had the same name), a twin sister I didn’t know about until we discovered each other in Contempo Casuals. Back then my list of potential husbands included: Zach Morris, The Black & Green Power Rangers, and the black kid from VR Troopers (I had a thing for teenagers turned superheroes). As far as a career I had no idea what I wanted to be; a singer, an actress, a model? I grew up in LA what do you expect? I just knew that I would go to college and it would somehow all magically work out.

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Well I wasn’t entirely wrong about college. It helped some but did not solve all life’s questions. Now I think about the things I wish I had as an adult and they are somewhat more practical. Things like an apartment with a patio, a cat (maybe), to spend more time with my real life non twin sisters. As for a mate, we all know I would love to be Mrs. Franco. But like I said, I’m an adult now, and I’m slightly more realistic about what I want in a man. I believe it comes down to certain qualities, not just the ability to morph into a Tyrannosaurs Rex. I want a man who is Jon Stewart, ASAP Rocky, Phil Dunfy, and Barrack Obama all rolled into one. So obviously, I’m looking for someone who is racially ambiguous. Or looks like “evolution” as my friend Lori puts it.

Richard Ayoade, Director, writer and actor photographed for The Sunday Times Culture by Michael Leckiejus phil-dunphy-quotes-15 tumblr_m7ghw85XBb1qgawlzo1_500 tumblr_mx3wfrn2hY1shh0v3o1_500


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