Forever 17

I heard one of the realest and funniest jokes at a comedy show from a comedian named Kyle Kinane. Kyle said, “LA is great. You can pick whatever age you liked best and be that age forever.”  If that theory is true I’ve picked 17. Of course I do grown up stuff like pay bills and listen to NPR. But other than that I’m basically a cooler version of my 17 year old self. I wonder if I went back in time,  would I hang out with 17 year old Kiana? Would she be able to sit with us? I don’t know.


All I know is all the activities I end up at make me realize even more that La La Land is more like Never, Never Land.  For example, I ended up house party  a few weeks ago. I felt like I was on a movie set of House Party 5: LA gets It In. I should write movie titles. Is that a job? *Makes note to self* Anyway, it had all the makings of a college frat party; it was packed and there was a massive line of people pushing to get in. No house party is complete without people getting pushed around. There was a DJ and hot box of a living room/dance floor. Where was all the furniture? Everyone was drunk probably because most people were walking around with giant bottles of Jack Daniels to share amongst friends. There was the typical ridiculously long line to the bathroom probably because someone was hogging the bathroom doing a few lines of coke. And there I was standing with a group of friends drinking Jack Daniels out of a Styrofoam cup.


Am I complaining about LA’s forever young lifestyle? No. Am I okay with it? Maybe…


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