How’s the new job?

I feel like I’ve been a little off topic lately. This a blog about the life and times of a writer/temp/planeteer. But my last few posts have had absolutely nothing to do with my current job status. Maybe that’s because it’s just not that exciting, a possible title for my memoir,. Every time I talk to a friend they always ask me how’s the new gig? I try to not give the same dry answer but the truth is, it’s extremely boring, tedious, mind numbing, etc. I don’t like telling people that, not because I want my work life to sound awesome, but because it makes me sound so ungrateful. I’m very grateful for this job and having another big network to add to my resume. Maybe I’m not seeing the glass half full. Maybe I’m not seeing the all material in my surroundings. For example:

The lady with the purse. There’s a lady who is on the same pee schedule as me on my floor. We always end up going or coming from the restroom at the same time. And for some reason she’s always carrying her purse. I know some women carry their purse’s to the restroom when it’s that time of the month. But this lady is older and I’m sure she hasn’t had that time of the month, for many months. So why does she always carry her purse to the restroom?

Possible explanations: 1) Her office is notorious for pranks and if she leaves her purse unattended who knows what she might find when she returns. 2) She’s a secret agent and has to keep updating her headquarters with hourly updates of, oh I don’t know, uhhh…bathroom temperatures? 3) She’s really an alien and has to keep injecting herself with alien elixirs to keep her body from reverting back to her alien form. I’ll be sure to update you when I find out.

The mini-mini cooper. One day while I was walking through the parking lot I noticed a very old, very small, green mini cooper. It looked like either a 3 year old, 37 clowns, or the leprechaun from Lucky Charms was going to emerge. I thought to Snapchat it but the thought happened after I was already at my desk. Now every time I walk through the parking lot I hope to see the magically ridiculous car or even better, the person that drives it.

So yeah work is cool.


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