On to the next…

My fingers don’t even want to type this but; I didn’t get the job. The job that I thought was gonna be my foot in the door (hell I’d be inside having tea and cookies if I got this job), I didn’t get it. You always think about giving up. Like I could just move back to my dads house and get addicted to second life games, gain 100lbs, and never have to worry about pursing my dreams ever again (or ever getting a boyfriend). But I can’t. Like I physically and mentally can not stop. My brain is always 10 steps ahead. Even before I received the news about not getting the job I already had applied to a million more jobs here, sent my resume out to other entertainment friends, and started up my entertainment job search membership again. I can’t do nothing. I don’t have time to feel bad about this. Rejection is a part of the process. It does make me wonder though, if I didn’t get this awesomely amazing position, what position am I going to get? It must be so big that I can’t even conceive it right now…



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