TV Land

I watch a lot of TV and movies (duh), so naturally, I’ve noticed some reoccurring themes like:

Choreographed dancing in teen movies
The late 90s and early 00s were notorious for choreographed dance scenes in teen movies. It was always at the end, at the big dance, and everyone always magically knew all the moves. But where are they now? I loved Superbad but you know what would have made it even better? A flash mob scene at the end with the cast dancing to “Fergalicious”.
Cops and Coke
How do cops on TV know they are tasting real cocaine when they seize evidence and sample it? Are we to assume all cops are ex coke heads? Does this happen in real life when cops find bricks of coke in Mexican cartel drug tunnels? Like is there some coke tasting class cops take so they know when they are dealing with that real Hannah Montana?
Where’s their debit/CC card?
Does everyone carry cash on TV shows? Whenever there’s a heated argument between a couple, one of them always throws down their money in a heated rage for the meal that; 1) they haven’t received or 2) haven’t finished. I guess having to wait to sign the bill would take away the dramatic effect.

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