A Post About Nothing

When life gives you lemons you…make a post about nothing. So much going on. So much time to write, yet so little to say. Here are the highlights of my current thoughts, insights, and questions for September 23rd 2015.


Why am I considered a Millennial? I think we need to break millennials up into two groups; the one’s who use the words Fleek and Bae ironically and the ones who consider these words to be an integral part of the English language.


Why isn’t Donald Trump using Rae Sremmurd’s “Up like Trump” as his campaign song?

#Sremmlife <—okay maybe I am a Millennial.

There are two types of people in this world, those who don’t like quinoa and those who really f*cking hate it. I actually happen to like it.

I will never understand people who like to play devil’s advocate. I saw that movie, Keanu Reeves’ life was ruined!


Do people really like wine? Or do they just pretend to like it because it’s an adult tradition. Like I can understand wine coolers, those things taste like alcoholic Capri Suns.


Notes in my iphone: Foot Porn. Point of reference for future research.

Show Pitch: It’s like Chopped on the Food Network but all the dishes have weed in them.
Fun Fact: The Back to the Future Trilogy comes on almost everyday on Syfy and/or AMC. You’re welcome.

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