New Kid On the Block

So I’m finishing up my first week working for the coolest creative ad agency company I’ve ever worked for.  I’m sure it’s no coincidence that one of my first temp jobs was at a media company or an Adult Playground as I called it. Funny how things always come full circle;
Day 1: I was given a tour of the offices which felt like more like a tour for golden ticket winners from Willie Wonka and the  Chocolate Factory. I severely underestimated how cool this place was. Disclaimer; I’m going to use the word “cool” a lot, because that’s the only word I can use to convey the sheer awesomeness of this place. During orientation IT walked us through how to use our fancy new MacBook Air’s using a fancy Keynote presentation or “Deck” as they call them. Each slide had some random gif from Step Brothers, it’s as if they were “advertising” to me and love for Will Farrell movies.
Day 2: I spent the morning setting up my desk, going through cool (there’s that word again) work email chains about mentoring programs, free giveaways, and weird requests like; asking if anyone had a recent x-ray of their skull, which was absolutely work related. I also had a one on one orientation meeting with my boss while her dog licked my feet. Obviously, I’ve had to conquer my fear of dogs, well, sort of.
Day 3:  This was the day of the highly anticipated “Pumpkin Roll”. Which is exactly what it sounds like only way cooler, each brand/team was tasked with decorating a pumpkin and attaching some type of moving apparatus (wheels) to it, think a soapbox race of pumpkins. I started to not go because I haven’t made a work BFF yet and with my S.A.S (social awkwardness syndrome) I’d be left standing around flashing my awkward smile to everyone that happened to look my way. But I sucked it up and went anyway. Luckily, the “pumpkin punch” was spiked. And by spiked I mean it was the strongest drink I had ever tasted in my life and I was slightly drunk off of HALF a cup . I looked at my phone it was 4:30p a full hour and a half before I got off work. I shrugged and watched pumpkins get demolished as they rolled down a ramp.
Day 4: During the second half of orientation there was a fire drill. And by fire drill I mean we all walked outside and received vouchers for the Beignet Truck that was parked outside. It’s as if they reward you with food for doing nothing here. I would love to see what we get after an actual fire evacuation. Then I was invited to a vendor pitch meeting that was catered by In N Out. I watched cool ads and movie trailers while scarfing down a cheeseburger animal style. I swear I didn’t eat the whole thing.
I’m writing this on Thursday night so that’s all I got for now. There’s so much more I could include but for the sake of time and to not sound like a “Bragging Breanne” I’ll just stick with the highlights. Everyday this week I kept thinking; I can’t believe I work here. Like is it okay for me to be this happy? This blessed? Do I deserve all this? I don’t know, all I know is I’ve worked damn hard to get here…well somewhere. I’m not going to question it anymore. I’m just going to enjoy my free food and booze and pray I don’t turn into an alcoholic and/or become morbidly obese.

Moving Day

Today is  my last day as a contracted employee at America’s #1 network. Not only is it my last day but this office is actually moving to another building.  Coincidentally, I’m also moving into a new apartment. It kinda feels like that day I moved into my college dorms. Which is exactly how my new  job’s office looks and feels, like college dorms. In the midst of all this moving and new beginnings I realized….I still want to move out of LA.

Sometimes I feel like Dave Chapelle, minus the millions of dollars: I just want to get away from it all and move to Africa. Well, maybe not Africa, but somewhere else foreign. Maybe I’ll ask God to make me a bird, “So I can fly far far away”.


I’ve lived LA all my life except for that one time in the 6th grade when my mom moved us to Florida. I was almost abducted and I went to Disney World 4 times. Now, I’m yearning to be a transplant again. It seems like everyone I meet is from somewhere else. Where have all the Los Angeles natives gone? New York? Miami? Mars? Vegas? (God I hate Vegas).

vegas 12mg5ojODE4ARq

I had this thought as I was scrolling through pics from a secret show I didn’t win tickets to and I saw two guys that I dated in a pic together looking like BFF’s. And by dated I mean I went out on 1 date with each of them. They are both DJ’s. I wasn’t intentionally dating DJ’s but it just turned out that way because I live in f*cking LA and all you ever meet is entertainment people. Anyway, seeing them together and all the other generic LA hipsters and scene-sters made me realize I’m really tired of LA.


I’ve just been fooling myself by trying to meet new people and trying new things in LA. It’s like I’m trying to distract myself from how much I hate being here. I’m also in desperate need of a vacation. The furthest I’ve driven this year is to Malibu. I know these may sound like first world problems- and they are. Maybe I’ll just make a Facebook group for all the other Angelenos who feel this way. And maybe we will all make a mass exodus out of LA.


Is This The End?

If you ever read the “position” (about me) section of this blog you will know that in summer of 2013 I quit my job, kind of abruptly. I was tired of working for nothing and feeling like I wasn’t taking the action I needed to pursue my goals. I wanted to take a risk that would force me to rely on myself 100%. So I worked a alot of temp jobs, some good and some great! I knew eventually I would have to settle down, be an adult, and get a “real” job. I just didn’t know what that job was. I also knew I wanted to write for TV and that is still a work in progress but in the meantime I needed a work place to call home. Well after 2 and a half years of searching I’m happy to say I’ve found it! The cool creative ad agency, with the chill work environment, amazing perks, and some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, is my new home.

When my job search got real I wrote down what I wanted; “to get a job working for a cool creative/entertainment company making X amount or more“. When you ask of the universe, you shall receive. Not only did that prayer come true but the benefits package alone puts the Price Is Right’s Showcase Showdown to shame. I felt like I needed to give an acceptance speech after they went over the offer.


I would outline it here for you but most likely you wouldn’t believe me. I still don’t even believe it. I’m just extremely grateful to have a job that will help me continue to grow and learn. Now I know why all those other jobs didn’t work out, it’s like a I’ve found my job soul mate. I can’t attribute all my blessings to myself or even my higher power. I have some of the most amazing family and friends who have encouraged me the whole time.
I started this blog as a creative outlet for my writing and to document my temp life. The temp life is over but the pursuit of my ultimate goal still persists. So no this isn’t the end, it’s kind of just the beginning…




Sometimes I feel like I’m addicted to having a full schedule. Like my life isn’t complete unless my icalender looks like this:

But why though? Aren’t I always complaining about not having enough time to write, read, workout, Facebook stalk my crushes (just kidding there’s always enough time for that)? So why do I feel the need to always be doing something? Maybe it’s because I’m avoiding something. I’m pretty sure that’s what a therapist would say or Oprah. They’re probably right. My pilot, that’s what I’ve been avoiding. I thought I had a great idea until I sat down to write it and realized that idea only lasted like 10 pages. Now I’m stuck with all these pages, pages that felt more like pulling teeth instead of an enjoyable creative process. So instead of thinking about how much writing I have left to do, I’d rather just say yes to as many events for the month of October as possible. Overbook, overbook. Because God forbid I spend a whole Saturday at home, alone, and be locked in a starring competition with my laptop.


My perceptions on the writing process have changed from hearing friend’s experiences and reading experiences from successful writers. They all say the same thing; finish something! Easier said than done. I guess I need to stop blaming my incomplete pilot on Mercury being in retrograde and just suck it up and get it done, because “We all have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce” – The Internet


A Real (Millennial) Job

So remember that post about not getting that job? Right after that I got a random email from a recruiter at an Ad agency on LinkedIN. I started to dismiss it as spam but something told me to look them up. Turns out they are one of the coolest creative ad agencies out there partnering with the likes of Jay Z!

The more I learned about the company the more I became interested. I know what you’re thinking; “Kiana, that’s not a network or a TV show, I thought you wanted to be closer to a writing room? And blah, blah, blah.” To that I say, I can still write, pursue my writing career and get this money!  Not temp money, but grown up salary-taking international trips-paying a car note and insurance-might be able to afford something at Whole Foods, type of money. So after I threw out an ideal salary to the recruiter during my phone interview and she basically replied like it was nothing to a boss, I jumped to schedule my in person interview.

I’ve been through a million interviews for almost every type of job. But never for a creative ad agency. I kind of had an idea of what the company culture was going to be like based on their cool ass clients and a video blog tour of their offices. They do things like free food Fridays, have wine and beer on tap, and have live music performances for their employees, and a basketball court made from the UCLA Pauley Pavilion court. I was excited off the perks alone. The job description is basically what I’m doing now but wayyy cooler and millennial, yes, I just used millennial as a verb.

I met with 3 Directors during my first interview. Every conversation was easy and flowed like I was talking to one of my girlfriends. I was comfortable, which almost never happens. And the second round was even more chill. I talked about Pintrest recipes with one interviewer for like an hour while we sat outside and sipped lattes. Oh AND there were cute guys everywhere! Could it be that I might meet the Jim to my Pam at this place?
I don’t know. All I know is I saw lots of tattoos, beards, and expensive haircuts.

Anywho I’m up for round 3 next week. I don’t what’s going to happen so…

To Be Continued..