Sometimes I feel like I’m addicted to having a full schedule. Like my life isn’t complete unless my icalender looks like this:

But why though? Aren’t I always complaining about not having enough time to write, read, workout, Facebook stalk my crushes (just kidding there’s always enough time for that)? So why do I feel the need to always be doing something? Maybe it’s because I’m avoiding something. I’m pretty sure that’s what a therapist would say or Oprah. They’re probably right. My pilot, that’s what I’ve been avoiding. I thought I had a great idea until I sat down to write it and realized that idea only lasted like 10 pages. Now I’m stuck with all these pages, pages that felt more like pulling teeth instead of an enjoyable creative process. So instead of thinking about how much writing I have left to do, I’d rather just say yes to as many events for the month of October as possible. Overbook, overbook. Because God forbid I spend a whole Saturday at home, alone, and be locked in a starring competition with my laptop.


My perceptions on the writing process have changed from hearing friend’s experiences and reading experiences from successful writers. They all say the same thing; finish something! Easier said than done. I guess I need to stop blaming my incomplete pilot on Mercury being in retrograde and just suck it up and get it done, because “We all have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce” – The Internet



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