Moving Day

Today is  my last day as a contracted employee at America’s #1 network. Not only is it my last day but this office is actually moving to another building.  Coincidentally, I’m also moving into a new apartment. It kinda feels like that day I moved into my college dorms. Which is exactly how my new  job’s office looks and feels, like college dorms. In the midst of all this moving and new beginnings I realized….I still want to move out of LA.

Sometimes I feel like Dave Chapelle, minus the millions of dollars: I just want to get away from it all and move to Africa. Well, maybe not Africa, but somewhere else foreign. Maybe I’ll ask God to make me a bird, “So I can fly far far away”.


I’ve lived LA all my life except for that one time in the 6th grade when my mom moved us to Florida. I was almost abducted and I went to Disney World 4 times. Now, I’m yearning to be a transplant again. It seems like everyone I meet is from somewhere else. Where have all the Los Angeles natives gone? New York? Miami? Mars? Vegas? (God I hate Vegas).

vegas 12mg5ojODE4ARq

I had this thought as I was scrolling through pics from a secret show I didn’t win tickets to and I saw two guys that I dated in a pic together looking like BFF’s. And by dated I mean I went out on 1 date with each of them. They are both DJ’s. I wasn’t intentionally dating DJ’s but it just turned out that way because I live in f*cking LA and all you ever meet is entertainment people. Anyway, seeing them together and all the other generic LA hipsters and scene-sters made me realize I’m really tired of LA.


I’ve just been fooling myself by trying to meet new people and trying new things in LA. It’s like I’m trying to distract myself from how much I hate being here. I’m also in desperate need of a vacation. The furthest I’ve driven this year is to Malibu. I know these may sound like first world problems- and they are. Maybe I’ll just make a Facebook group for all the other Angelenos who feel this way. And maybe we will all make a mass exodus out of LA.


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