“I’m Busy”

Remember that time I didn’t have a real job? That time when my biggest problem was forcing myself to go to the gym, write, and not get yelled at by a busy executive? Speaking of busy executives…I feel their pain now. Not that I’m the executive of anything – well I am the executive of cool shit; but at work, I’m basically noob status. However, my days are becoming one large blocked out schedule of meeting invites. In fact, I’m in a meeting right now. We even have meetings about meetings here. And since my brain is fried from all of the meetings, I figured I’d use this time to write about being busy. It’s new to me. I never understood how people, mainly men, with busy occupations couldn’t respond to a text. You know those guys that say, “I got really busy”, or “I had to work late”, and “Sorry I missed your birthday”. I’d respond with, “You’re not that busy, you just posted a pic on Instagram and replied to comments, but I can’t get a text back?” Sorry personal story. Any who now I kinda see how it’s possible! Well, kinda…

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I like to think of myself as a master multi-tasker – as most Millennials are. I can check Snaps, update my Facebook status, read an article, watch funny videos sent in a group chat, drive*, and deliver a baby at the same damn time! But I’m finding it harder to keep up. I even missed a friend’s birthday. I know this may sound like I’m complaining, but I’m really not. It’s exciting to feel like your job is important and that I’m a real grown up doing grown up thangs. I enjoy the craziness. In fact, I thrive in it. Now If I could only get this pilot written. I’ll just make a calendar appointment to do it in between my ‘eat and sleep’ invites.

ueD3gLl giphy

*I don’t drive and text…anymore #itcanwait


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