No Days Off

​Is it just me or do weekends seem like extensions of the work week rather than much needed time to relax?  This weekend was the first weekend I realized my job, well this project, has taken over my life. I haven’t been able to do normal stuff like: go to the bank, get gas, do laundry, or shower. The project has gotten so crazy that we were all asked to work through the weekend. Which isn’t a terrible thing since all of us are super excited to be a part of something so great.  I also had no life altering plans this weekend so working through the weekend isn’t the worst thing in the world for me. I did however plan on attending a particular ugly sweater party. And after having one too many drinks at the party, my roommate and I ended up meeting up with some of her friends. I am told I made an awkward expression towards them by being engaged in a heated debate over Justin Bieber vs Byrson Tiller. My roommate said I kept repeating; “Byrson Tiller has ‘staying power'”. For the record I may have heard like 2 of Byrson’s songs but drunk Kiana does not f*ck with Bieber that much that she will fiercely defend any of his competitors. I don’t care how good his new album is.

Anyway between the time I Uber’d (thats a verb right?) home and took off my make up I managed to scratch my cornea. I woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain and had to go to the ER, probably the Bieber Gods punishing me for my blasphemy. I’m currently rocking an eye patch and possibly looking for a bedazzled one in case I still need it by thursday, the day of my holiday party (that’s a whole other post). Side note: I went to 3 CVS’s to find an eye patch! Why the f*ck are eye patches sold out everywhere? Is there some new pirate gang I don’t know about? Oh and I still needed to stare at compute through Saturday and miss the anniversary happy hour ($1 drinks ya’ll!) at one my favorite bars. It’s basically the Maclarens for my friends and I. But given my eye situation I was happy to sit down and work.

Working from home wasn’t so bad considering I was also able to meet up with friends at my favorite coffee shop, watch the new Wiz Live!, hear Coldplay’s new album (it’s better than Bieber’s), and eat my favorite meal on Earth; Thai pineapple fried rice. And that was just Friday and Saturday. Today I hope to write a post (check), workout, grocery shop, find shoes for the holiday party, and of course, work. Let’s see how many of those things actually happen.

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