Independence Day

Disclaimer: Here’s a lost post from when I was working at my last temp job. I’m late but whateves, don’t judge me.
I know it’s October, so why the hell am I talking about Independence Day? Well for one, having basic cable at your desk forces you to watch a lot of old movies. Last week I saw Point Break for the first time and since Keanu Reeves apparently stopped aging in 1995, I’m convinced he really is The One.

Anyway I forgot how much I enjoyed this movie (Independence Day). I realized this is the movie that confirmed my heterosexuality. Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Harry Connick Jr.  never looked better. Speaking of fine men, I’m not mad at Liam Hemsworth being casted as the lead in the sequel/reboot, Independence Day 2. Sidebar: Liam is only 25, so many more years of hotness ahead of him.

Going to see Independence Day gave me something else to do besides cower in fear of the fireworks going off outside. Yes, I have self diagnosed pyrotechnophobia, fear of fireworks. A phobia that got me a lot of weird looks as a kid when I’d prefer to stay in doors instead of stand outside in the street and light roman candles, which let’s be honest, are just kid friendly bombs. It’s 2015 you would think they would veto such an antiquated way to celebrate a holiday. But we still celebrate Columbus Day, which essentially celebrates someone discovering something that had already been discovered, so yeah. Moral of the story; Independence Day the movie is great, Independence Day (fireworks) the holiday not so great. Thee End.


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