Holiday Parties Part 1

Last year during the holiday season I was Cinderella. I was working a temp job that required me to watch an office while everyone went to their holiday party. Being a temp prohibited you from most job perks like attending the highly coveted, office holiday party. But this year, my new job had the holiday party end all holiday parties. The theme was “Festive Red Carpet” so naturally we were given a Pintrest board of dress ideas that included Lady Gaga’s meat dress and Bjork’s swan number. I was super excited to dress up since the last thing I dressed up for was my birthday in 2014. I ordered a dress with an Angelia Jolie split, got my make up done at work, and was ready for the ball.
The party was at a iconic theater downtown complete with open bar (obviously), hors d’oeuvres (first time I’ve ever used that in a sentence) galore, and an award presentation comparable to The Office’s, Dundie awards.
There were awards for things like; “best gif maker”, “who wore it best”, and “who’s most likely to steal your lunch.” Then there was the talk of the special guest DJ. Who ended up being Big Boi from Outkast! Which pretty much made my night. I drank, I danced, I called a lyft, which was free thanks to our company, and somehow stumbled into work the next day. That’s right, everyone still had to come into work the next day! The hangover struggle was real. But at least we were all rewarded with breakfast burritos.
So much for the office parties that consist of an hour lunch of finding out who your secret santa is, drinking egg nog, and listening to crappy holiday music.
I don’t know these people but I would imagine their holiday parties are really, really, boring.

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