Holiday Parties Part 2

So a week after the festive red carpet holiday party our internal department holiday party was scheduled. This one was especially exciting for me because the itinerary was comparable to my ideal first date; mimosa’s with a secret santa gift exchange, Ubers to The Broad, and lunch (with more drinks) at Blue Cow Kitchen. Seriously, if a guy planned that date for me I would probably marry him or at the very least, go out with him again.


After we had a few mimosas and opened all our awesome gifts we took a group photo before we got too wasted. Then we all hopped in Ubers. I opted to hop in one with my fellow department colleagues that I didn’t know, just to switch things up a bit. I know, I know, me, wanting to engage in social interaction with new people, who would have thought?
The Broad was amazing! I kinda kicked myself for not standing in the line for the Infinity Room considering I’d been to the museum before. But there will be other times.  After the Broad we all went to lunch where the turn up continued. At first my co worker and I were unsure if we should order drinks (alcoholic ones) but when we found out drinks were included (expensed) we quickly changed our tea and water order to wine and margaritas!
By the time the Ubers arrived I was ‘uber’ tired from all the day drinking. I made the mistake of falling asleep on the way back only to wake up to a department wide email picture of me knocked all the way out. Well played guys, well played. We came back to work to a company wide happy hour sponsored by one of our clients. It was one of the few times I turned down free drinks. I went home early to recoup for Holiday party #3…

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