Holiday Parties Part 3

Just when you thought 2 holiday parties were enough, my job comes through with holiday party #3 FTW! And for my loyal 2-3 readers, yes, this is the last holiday party post…until next year.

 The last holiday party was conveniently scheduled on the last day of work before our much needed 2 week vacation. It was a holiday party for the people who worked on a particular band. The party consisted of a BBQ lunch with every kind of hot dog known to man, beer and champagne, a pageant type awards ceremony, and a white elephant gift exchange! Since our team consists of roughly 85 people the whole event took about 4 hours.
During the awards ceremony we were all acknowledged for our hard work. They gave each person a personalized sash that indicated something special about that person. As I watched everyone receive their sash and listen to people speculate who should receive which sash i.e. Mr. Super Average or Ms. Instagram Queen, I thought; I’m new here what could my sash possibly say? Ms. New Bi*ch? Then like a movie, when a character is lost in thought and doesn’t hear their name being called, I was called to the front to receive my sash: Ms. Secret Scribe. I was super surprised they recognized me as a writer. I’m sure I mentioned it to someone at some point. I would have also gracefully accepted Ms. New Bi*ch.
After the hour long award ceremony we were given a pee break and returned for the ultimate white elephant gift exchange. If you ever get a chance to play white elephant please play it with some creatives they have the best ideas for funny/unique gifts. Some of my favs were; wolf urine, a live lobster dinner (a pot containing a lobster that was still alive), a parking ticket envelope with $100 cash in it, and two waterproof disposal cameras which I ended up with in round 1. In the end, I went home with a Simon that I was able to steal in the last round. Then we all stumbled back to our desks and pretended to do work for the next hour or so.
I felt the need to write a post for each party because I’m just so grateful and appreciative of where I am right now. And by right now I mean, in my bed, writing this post, on a Monday afternoon, because I’m still on vacation. I don’t know what 2016 is going to bring but I know I’m super excited for whatever is to come.

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