Grown Up Birthdays

I remember my 25th birthday like it was yesterday; I had a full time job working at a law school, no real life goals, and it would go down in….Blackberry messenger.  I was single, sexy, and free, as Mya put it. I had my birthday at a local lounge complete with bottle service, me dancing on a stage, and of course me drunkenly falling off that stage. There was so much planning that went into it; picking a venue, a dress, hair, make up, and a photographer. My 25th bday was like getting ready for the Grammy’s, which also happens to fall on my bday weekend.


But after 30, my birthday celebrations became less of a spectacle.  I tend to just throw things together for bday celebrations now; last minute invites, food, drinks, music, FIN. I’m more concerned with my loved ones being there than finding the perfect birthday dress. I just don’t have time for it. Not like physical time, but like mental time, if that makes sense. I’m too busy thinking about things that matter like; my work, my money, my health, and if Adnan really killed Hae (yes, I’m knee deep in season 1 of Serial right now).
However, I am having a small soiree this year for my 32nd birthday even though Hannibal Buress advises against it…

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