Happy Valentine’s Day!

I LOVE PRETTY IN PINK! My love for this movie grows every time I watch it. Even though I didn’t go to an all white high school exclusively made up of rich cool kids and lower class outcasts (hipsters), I still feel like this movie speaks to my soul. For one, it’s a goddamn fairy tale rom com. It has all the ingredients; boy meets girl, boy courts girl, boy disses girl, girl gets empowered, boy apologizes, they live happily ever after. What more could you ask for?


Oh I know; the unrequited love Ducky has for Andie. However, let’s be honest, if Ducky acted that way in 2016 he would be a legit stalker and Andie would probably have a restraining order against him. I mean who just shows up to your job like that? Guys have been called stalkers for much less, i.e. liking an Instagram pic from 4 weeks ago..
But that classic scene where he lip sings Otis Redding’s Tenderness, I die. I don’t know how or even IF I’ll get proposed to but, if future bae were to reenact that scene while proposing to me, I would say yes faster than Stacy Dash gets kicked out of an NAACP meeting.
If there was ever a sequel to the Pretty in Pink I would hope Ducky got real fine over the summer and Andie started checking for him after her and Blaine broke up. That’s right, I believe Andie and Blaine’s relationship wasn’t strong enough to stand the test of high school’s stupid social norms and the summer after graduation they went their separate ways. Andie went on to fashion school, Duckie started modeling for Calvin Klien, and Blaine went to business school where he developed a hardcore coke addition.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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