Mad Woman

Sometimes people ask me if my job is like Mad Men or Mad Women, if you will, to which I say;  that show is super sexist and I couldn’t get past the first 5 minutes of the pilot. However, my job is very demanding, stressful, and tiring. Most days I’m like this: 
So how does one have a job like this, balance life, and pursue their dream profession?  Well, I’m one of those terrible people, I’m a morning person. I love being up before the sun and getting shit done. It’s the perfect time for an introvert because most people are still sleep and the outside world is less crowded. I start my day at 5:30am/5:45a every morning, 6am on the weekends, gross, I know. So in case you ever wondered what my days look like they go something like this:
5:45am-6am-ish – Wake up. Debate on weather to roll over and go back to sleep, workout, write, or just lay there and keep debating.
7:00am- Reading, writing, blogging, meditating, praying, coming home from the gym, drinking a smoothie, scrolling through social media and trying not to “like” anything because I’ll look like a creep for liking a selfie at 7am.
8:00am- Showering, hopefully.
9-9:30am – Stuck in traffic or at work. Depends on traffic.
9am-ish- Making breakfast at work and trying to resist drinking coffee, even though I always end up having a cup. I swear I can stop drinking coffee anytime I want…
10am- Checking work emails while simultaneously checking Facebook, personal emails, reading articles, writing this blog post, and trying not to laugh out loud at hilarious gchat convos with friends.
10am-5p: Meetings, conference calls, maybe lunch, meetings, debate with myself on weather I should drink another cup of coffee or not, more meetings, and overhearing random LA conversations like;
“Willow Smith was in my Soul Cycle class”
“Did you cry at the Beyonce concert?”
“I went to a doggy cafe in Silverlake” 
“The Raw Juicery truck is here!”
And overseeing random things like; someone get challenged to stuff 20 brownies in their mouth and executing it, a guy riding around on miniature tricycle, a group of mimes pass through the office with no explanation, and people playing FIFA at the gaming station. 
5p-forever – Drive home and/or to;  happy hour, a charity dinner, a comedy show, or any other random event that happens on a weekday in LA.
635964590238346046-484959859_busy 5
Forever-bedtime – I eat dinner and turn on one of my many favorite shows; Kimmy Schmidt, HOC, Modern Family, Broad City, or GIRLS. Then decide I’m too tired to start writing and fall asleep feeling unaccomplished. Le Sigh. Maybe I need to wake up earlier?