What Are You Watching Right Now?

What are you watching right now….
Is the question I use to judge most people I know or meet.  If they are the average millennial they will most likely answer with any of these shows; House of Cards, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Empire, Power, or Bloodline. Which are all great shows. But why the f*ck is almost no one watching Mr. Robot!? I haven’t been this excited and intrigued by a show since Breaking Bad. Let me back up, I’m a TV connoisseur, so I pride myself on knowing good TV and great writing.  When I watch shows I break down the story and figure out the show’s formula. All shows have a formula, it isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that some of those formula’s are predictable. And I get bored and stop watching.
But Mr. Robot’s formula, is f*cked up mind blowing shit that makes you question everything from society to existence. The twists and turns make me kind of grateful that no one in my timeline is watching and there are no spoiler social media posts for me to stumble upon. Okay, I can’t rant and rave about a show and not give you concrete examples about why I love it. So here you go;
1) Hacker Culture – I’m not a hacker, I don’t know any hackers, but this show does a great job of making me understand hacker culture. You realize they aren’t all just out there to steal your identity or to leak photos. Some of them have a serious agenda.
2) Rami Malek – I go back and forth with myself if he’s a great actor or he’s just great at playing himself onscreen. Which really doesn’t matter because he’s so good that you believe in his psychosis. A girlfriend of mine who also watches the show had this to say about him “his face is so ethereal”, Look up ‘ethereal’ (I had to) and then look at this picture again.
3) Christen Slater – Like when was the last time you saw Christen Slater? I love this show just for casting him.
giphy (5)
4) It gets in your head – When Elliot has gaps in his memory the audience is left with gaps in the story. You are left trying to put together the missing pieces of his sanity. You basically know what it feels like to be insane. Make sense? It shouldn’t.
giphy (4)
5) Strong female leads. Darlene – bad ass hacker. Shayla – just a boss bi*ch in general.  Joanna Wellick – I legit have nightmares about her, she’s like all of the witches from every disney fairytale put together.
6) The way it looks – The way Mr. Robot is shot gives it even more life. The dark colors, the signature blurry then focused close ups, and the way the camera tells you who a character is.
Okay I’m done being a fan girl. I don’t know, just watch the show. I don’t highly recommend anything in life, maybe brushing at twice a day, I recommend that. But if you watch Mr. Robot and don’t like it, I’ll give you $500! Just kidding. But just watch it so I have someone to talk about it with.
635782076705151890486554263_mr. robot

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