I RSVP to a lot of stuff. I probably don’t go to half of the stuff I RSVP for. Actually, I don’t go to most of it. I’m not saying that to brag about how cool my social life is or how popular I am, I say that to illustrate how useless an RSVP is at gauging how many people will attend an event. It’s 2016 there has to be a better way. Like, the government creating time machines exclusively for people to travel to the future to see how many people actually attend their event.

I don’t like RSVP’ing for events because chances are I’m not going to be able to go for reasons outside of my control. Reasons like; work, a conflicting event, traffic, or a new episode of Mr. Robot. Honestly, I hate committing to events because I hate obligation. Once I click ‘will attend’ I’ve sealed my future fate. I like to live in the present moment, the here, the now. What if I’m too tired to go when the day arrives? What if I get invited to a cooler event? What if I don’t find anyone to go with? Or what if I meet my soulmate and he asks me out on a date and I’m like, “Sorry bruh, I can’t go out with you because I RSVP’d this event”? Hey, it could happen. I like to consider myself a bit of a spontaneous planner. Subconsciously, I know I don’t want to go to that event or won’t be able to make it, but I don’t come to that realization till the very last minute. It usually goes something like this;

Stage One: Yes! I’m so excited about this event I can’t wait to go!
Stage Two: That event is this weekend… I’m gonna be super tired from work…but I’ll still go. At least it’s open bar.
Stage 3: Damnit, that event is in two days?! I still need to do laundry, clean my apt, go grocery shopping, find something to wear, get my nails done, do my taxes, slay a dragon…
Stage 4: Shit! That event is tomorrow! I wonder if they’ll be mad if I don’t make it? I don’t even have anyone to go with….but I RSVP’d.
Stage 5: FU*K! That event is in 2 hours. Can I make it there in 405 traffic? Ugh, I hate the 405. I’m gonna be so late. I hate being late! **Gets in Un-RSVP time machine and goes back in time to reply “will not attend”**

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