We’ve all been there before, some guy or girl you met that you thought you vibed with so well, they were so cute, and they could even possibly be ‘the one’. You’d know from that one time meeting that you’d at least get the chance to introduce them at a friend’s gathering. It’d go something like this, This is (insert new bae’s name), we met IRL, and he’s an actor/writer/owns his own business. And your friends would think you’re so cool for dating a new guy who’s agreed to meet your friends so soon… <— and this daydream right here is probably what caused him to ghost you in the first place, crazy! I’m not a social scientist but I’m pretty sure that 90% of ghosting happens because the one being ghosted is too eager (i.e. appears desperate). And there are a few things that can make you look thristy to your new bae, maybe you:

1) Texted them 5 days after meeting them instead of the standard 8 weeks.Clearly, you have no life.

2) When you did text them, you asked them a general question about their life (i.e. how many siblings do you have).What’s next? Asking them what their ring size is?!

3) You followed up about the date THEY planned.Sounds like someone is getting clingy.

4) You called them. Which means you’re a total sociopath.

There’s a new group of people who have adopted ghosting, job recruiters. It’s one thing to be ignored by a person but to be ignored by an entire company, that’s just pathetic. But THEY reached out to me, THEY asked me for a phone interview, and THEY told me THEY were gonna follow up, then radio silence. I guess I just have to adapt to this new way of rejecting people, when it’s too soon for the “sorry we went with someone else” email or the “sorry I’m not interested” text, it’s considered more socially acceptable to just…